Weekly Grocery Haul | Paleo + 80 Day Obsession

I don’t know about you, but I am always intrigued when people do a grocery haul on Instastories and on their blogs. I guess I’m a bit nosy in that I like seeing what other people are eating! I thought it might be fun to do a little post sharing this week’s grocery haul, since I’m starting a new workout program (80 Day Obsession for you Beachbody fans!) and I’m planning to follow the meal plan as much as possible while maintaining my Paleo/Whole30 lifestyle. The biggest change in my diet will be the need to incorporate snacking (which is similar to how I used to eat before Whole30-ing) and pre-workout meals, but the actual foods that I’m eating will pretty much remain the same (still no dairy, no simple carbs, etc.) – except I added more fruits and veggies for snacking this week!

Weekly Grocery Haul - Paleo and 80-Day Obsession

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Weekly Clean Eating Meal Plan | 18th Edition

Happy Monday, y’all! It looks like it’s shaping up to be another busy week here, but at least it’s supposed to be warm the rest of the week (and hopefully no more cold weather at all!). Some weeks I find it hard to put together a meal plan and stick to it – like this week. I had our clean eating meal plan all planned and then we swapped things around over the weekend and made something I originally planned to have during the week (which is why there are two chicken recipes back to back – whoops!). At the end of the day, it’s not a big deal as long as we have something to throw together for dinner all week long! Here is this week’s clean eating meal plan:

Clean Eating Meal Plan - Weekly Edition

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Living Room Update | New Hardwood Flooring Installed

Process of Having Hardwood Flooring InstalledIt’s been a crazy few weeks with picking flooring, contractors in and out, etc. but I’m excited that we finally have new hardwood flooring installed in our living and dining rooms! I wish I could say we just wanted to make this update, buuuuuut that isn’t exactly how it happened. A few months ago, one of our hot water heaters (which is in the attic) exploded and water gushed through the ceiling all over our old hardwood floors. Sigh. 

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When Social Media Becomes Too Much

It’s always felt a bit ironic when I read posts by bloggers and social influencers that say they are taking a much-needed hiatus from sharing on social media. If I’m being honest, I thought that it was kind of petty – like how could social media run your life anyways? As a marketer by trade, social media kind of comes with the territory, but as just one small part of a larger marketing strategy, it never overtook my workdays. 7 Valuable Reasons to Take a Social Media Break

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