How to Make a Lifestyle Shift with the Whole30 Eating Plan

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TRUTH: For many years I flat out ignored people when they talked about the Whole30 eating plan – I’m not into trends and because it seemed like everyone was doing it, I didn’t want to go there.

But then I had to cut dairy because I was nursing newborn Blakely and it seemed to be bothering her. I thought avoiding cheese and other dairy products would be the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I quickly realized that there were so many good recipes out there that didn’t require dairy in order to taste good. And then I started to notice I FELT better not eating dairy. That’s when I had a turning point and decided to do a little research on the Whole30 eating plan last year.whole30 eating plan chicken salad

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Weekly Meal Plan | 11th Edition

Some weeks I like to try more complex recipes and other weeks, I tend to keep it simple. This happens to be a more simple week, but I still have one new recipe in the weekly meal plan lineup – Garlic Honey Chicken. Most nights, we serve the girls the same meal we’re eating for dinner…but lately we’ve been giving them something different on Mondays and Wednesdays since I go to Pure Barre and get home late. That way, they can eat early and be ready for bed when I get home – then Michael and I just eat after they’re asleep. Honestly, this makes it easier to try more adventurous recipes on those nights, since I don’t have to worry about my picky 3-year-old not eating what we cook! 🙂 Read on for our weekly meal plan:


Crockpot Garlic Honey Chicken Paleo

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Day in the Life | First Edition

I’ve never done a “day in the life” before, but I always love reading other blogger’s day in the life posts! I think it really gives a chance to show a peek into ‘real life’ – and it’s not all glamorous like one might assume based on perfectly curated Instagram posts. 🙂 This day in the life is actually from this past Friday – so without further ado, here we go!

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7:15 am 

I’ve made it my mission to start waking up before the girls do to have a little quiet time. Some days it doesn’t work out if Blakely wakes up early for some reason, but most of the time, it allows me time to enjoy a cup of coffee, watch the Today Show and mentally prep for the day’s plans. I need this time and it really makes all the difference in getting my day started on the right foot!

8:00-8:15 am 

Both of the girls wake up like clockwork. Well, Blair was probably already awake, but her OK to Wake! clock goes off at this time every morning. We make a quick trip to the potty and then she demands breakfast (always an applesauce pouch and a yogurt). After I get her breakfast, I get Blakely out of her crib and change her diaper and dress her. Then, I make her a yogurt (using this refillable pouch – love these!). By this time, Blair is done with her breakfast and she starts getting dressed. Her newest thing is picking out her own outfits, but I have to redirect her a few times since she tried to wear a short-sleeve shirt and it’s only 40 degrees outside!

8:15-8:50 am 

Day in the Life of a Mom

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Weekly Meal Plan | 10th Edition

Another week has flown by – anyone else excited for Valentine’s Day this week?! I really never cared too much about the holiday, but it’s super fun now that we have girls! We spent the weekend decorating the house with hearts and prepped Valentine’s cards for Blair to take to school, so I think we’re officially ready to celebrate. I tried to keep this week’s meal plan simple, and we’re going to make one of my favorites for Valentine’s dinner – but with a twist.

In the past, we’ve used special occasions as a chance to indulge, meaning we’d eat dairy and grains, but I’ve really noticed how bad it makes me feel after the fact – so this year, our Valentine’s menu will be dairy and grain free but hopefully still delicious!


Sweet Potato Chili

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