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I realized the other day that I rarely talk beauty and makeup on the blog, but I actually love reading reviews and other people’s experiences with beauty and skincare products. In fact, I usually do a Google search and read about products before I commit to any beauty buys. Do you do this, too? No, just me? 🙂 Since I made a stop at Sephora last night (thanks, my love for the Christmas gift cards!), I figured I’d share what I bought and why I like these beauty buys in particular.

BareMinerals Buxom Lipgloss in Kanani

BareMinerals Buxom GlossI love a good lipgloss and BareMinerals has been a go-to of mine for many years now. I was just about to run out, so I grabbed a tube of this gloss in a strawberry pink shimmer shade. I love the subtle lip plumping/tingling effect and it has a great shine.

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T H R E E | Things Thursday

Hi y’all! I can’t believe Christmas is only four days away – hope you’re almost ready! I still have a few things to cross off my list 😉

I wanted to pop in to share three of my current favorites with you for Three Things Thursday – I meant to share these last week, but things got a little crazy around here when our water heater exploded (yes, true story) and water leaked through the ceiling all over our living room. Yikes. So, trying to play catch-up now – fingers crossed for a non-eventful week!

Old Navy Womens Joggers

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My Skincare Routine

It’s no secret that I love my Rodan+Fields skincare products – but I wanted to share a bit more about why I love the products, how I got started on them and my results.

Rodan + Fields Results

I’ve always had acne-prone skin – starting in high school and continuing through college and my skin was the worst I’ve ever seen about 4-5 months after having Blair. I used a number of different products, from Proactiv to Murad, Clinique and even Mario Badescu while I was pregnant with Blair, since it was pregnancy-safe. Looking at that list, I’m sure you can guess that I spent a pretty penny on skincare over the years (like most ladies do!).

The downside of all of the money I spent on skincare was the fact that nothing I used ever worked well nor did it CHANGE my skin for the better. Sometimes, the products would ‘help’ keep my breakouts small and fade more quickly, but really nothing prevented them from popping up.

I remember looking in the mirror the day after I had Blair, and my skin looked awful. I have one photo we took at the hospital before we went home and I didn’t even want to share it, because my skin was so bad looking! In the months that followed, I documented every single day with photos of Blair, but would always shy away when someone tried to take my picture holding her. Looking back now, I really hate that because there are not many photos of me and her together in her first few months.

At one point when she was about 4 or 5 months old, I saw a picture that my husband had taken of me sitting on the floor playing with Blair and I just wanted to delete it right then and there. My skin had taken a turn for the worse, if that’s even possible, and I knew I needed to find something that worked ASAP. I had heard about Rodan+Fields due to a few high school friends selling it, and so I wanted to learn more about it. In observing two of these ladies in particular, they seemed overjoyed to be Rodan+Fields consultants and being ever the opportunist, I was curious about the business aspect of R+F as well.Rodan + Fields Reverse Results

I ended up learning about both the skincare and the business opportunity and decided I wanted to jump in as a consultant right away. The product discount (25% off!) and the chance to earn an income by sharing the greatness of R+F with others was too good to pass up. As soon as I got my product kit (which came with all 4 skincare regimens and other products, too), I started using Reverse. Though I was still having breakouts, my skin was incredibly dull and I had such uneven skin tone that I felt I’d get more benefit from Reverse.

Rodan + Fields Skincare

After using Reverse as directed for a full 60 days (that’s the recommended timeframe for seeing optimal results, and you have a full 60 days to return product if you don’t like it/if it doesn’t work well for you), I was amazed at how great my skin looked. I couldn’t remember a time where my skin looked more vibrant, fresh and even clear of acne. Obviously because I had such great results, I continued using Reverse! I still had breakouts here and there, and finally decided to give Unblemish a whirl. I started by using Unblemish once a day and Reverse once a day, but later fully switched over to Unblemish twice a day.IMG_6904


It was soon after that I found out I was pregnant with Blakely, and after careful research, continued using my Unblemish and it kept my hormonal skin clear all through my pregnancy! This was literally a miracle, as my skin broke out constantly when I was pregnant with Blair back in 2014 (I was using ‘natural’ Mario Badescu products at the time). I have kept up my routine of using Unblemish since having Blakely and my skin is 1000x better looking than it ever was postpartum with Blair. I also use Multi-Function Eye Cream, Mineral Peptides and Lash Boost regularly – and just tried the newest product, Active Hydration Serum, which is literally AMAZING. Get ya some!

Lash Boost Results

Last Boost Rodan + Fields

With that said, I’d highly recommend R+F products to anyone looking for great skincare – and I’m not just saying that because I’m a consultant 🙂 Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any Qs about Rodan + Fields – happy to help! Not sure what products would be best for your skin type? Use the Solution Tool to see what the Doctors recommend.

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A Test Run on Whole30

Giving Whole30 a Go

Because of my interest and background in health and fitness, I admit I’ve always been interested in the latest trends when it comes to healthy eating and working out. With that said, I’m quick to skip out on things that seem a) unhealthy and b) are just a fad. Okay, well there was that one time I tried the Dukan Diet for like a week because supposedly that was the diet Kate Middleton was on. But that’s neither here nor there…

So, I’ve heard a TON of things about Whole30 and my mom even shared the book with me a couple of years ago and I completely disregarded everything it said at the time. Truthfully, Whole30 seemed like a fad because ‘everyone was doing it.’ But, then I happened to stumble upon some Whole30 recipes on Pinterest and read a few blog posts from bloggers I follow and started to get interested in trying it.

Side note: I typically have no problem following a meal plan, but I don’t agree with depriving yourself, aka, most ‘diets.’ That’s why I personally love and always share the Tone It Up program with anyone who asks me for health advice, because Katrina and Karena get it – it’s all about balance and never truly depriving yourself, but realizing the benefits of feeding your body healthy food.


With that backstory in mind, I started to read up on Whole30 and got really interested in it, primarily because I found myself eating too many grains (like not the healthy kind – white flour, corn – like bread and tortilla chips, etc.) and not enough lean protein and vegetables. I had already cut dairy because of breastfeeding and Blakely seeming to have a dairy intolerance, so hopping on board the Whole30 meal plan was not too much of a stretch for me. I naturally lose weight when I’m nursing and tend to take advantage of that by eating whatever I want. That’s not to say I ate junk food all day because that’s not me at all – but I felt like eating fewer homemade vegan nachos for lunch and more veggies and protein would be a good change! I was feeling pretty lethargic, mainly due to lack of sleep, but I also attributed it to not eating enough fruit, veggies and protein each day.

From the beginning, I did not plan to follow Whole30 100%, because there are two other people (one a picky husband and another a picky toddler) eating most meals around here and I’m not going to make separate meals for all of us – I’m all about balance…and making life easier, not harder. 🙂 My goal has been to use Whole30 to better fuel my body and serve as a reminder to keep fresh foods in our house rather than snack foods with zero nutritional value. I’m going to fess up here: I TRIED to drink my coffee black or with organic coconut cream as recommended by so many Whole30-ers, but I just couldn’t do it. Coffee is too great a commodity at this point in my life (with a 2.5 year old + 7 month old) and I’m not going to suffer without my favorite creamer. 🙂


My thoughts so far? I really love the recipes I’ve tried so far and I even feel better on a daily basis. We had gotten into a boring rotation of the same dinners on repeat (mainly because of said picky toddler), but it’s been nice trying new recipes and being amazed at what she will or won’t eat.

Back before having two kids, I used to meal prep on Sundays for the week, but I had really gotten out of the habit and then when I started working from home, I didn’t bother preparing food for the week. But, with two little kids, I desperately wanted to get back into meal prep mode, because even though I’m home, I barely find time to throw together something to eat for breakfast or lunch. Pretty much since Blakely was born, I had been eating a protein bar for breakfast every morning. I mean, I love having them on hand in a pinch, but I was really needing something healthier and more balanced for breakfast.

I think my favorite thing about Whole30 is the reminder that I need to do a little meal planning for the week – which I’ve been doing now for 3 weeks and it’s so worth it! I found a really great breakfast casserole recipe that makes enough for the entire week, and it’s been a lifesaver in the morning. I’ll share it on the blog soon because it’s so good!

If you’re curious about Whole30, I encourage you to read more about it and give it a try. Follow me on Pinterest if you’re looking for some recipe inspiration 😉

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