Five Things I Do Every Night for an Organized Morning Routine

I’m totally Type A and have been my whole life, but for the first time ever, I’ve been using it to my advantage in order to stay on top of life. There are just so many things to keep track of and juggle once you have kids, so I’ve been working hard at streamlining processes and making lists that help me run my days more smoothly.

I recently created a daily checklist that encompasses every. single. thing. that needs to be done as part of our daily routine (including all of us, not just me) and it’s been a nice addition to my daily planner notes. While everything on the list makes the day smoother, there are actually a few small things I do each evening that make the next day start off on a high note – and I wanted to share those with you, in case you’re seeking an organized morning routine, too!

Things to Do At Night for an Organized Morning Routine

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Living Room Update | New Hardwood Flooring Installed

Process of Having Hardwood Flooring InstalledIt’s been a crazy few weeks with picking flooring, contractors in and out, etc. but I’m excited that we finally have new hardwood flooring installed in our living and dining rooms! I wish I could say we just wanted to make this update, buuuuuut that isn’t exactly how it happened. A few months ago, one of our hot water heaters (which is in the attic) exploded and water gushed through the ceiling all over our old hardwood floors. Sigh. 

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Three Nifty Ways to Earn Extra Cash

I like nice things – I’ve always been the type to choose quality over quantity. With that said, I also really love saving money and finding ways to earn extra money…so I can buy the nice things I like. You catch my drift?

There are several apps I’ve been using this year that I wanted to share with y’all, because why wouldn’t I want to share this goodness?! Free money? I don’t think many of us would turn down extra money. 🙂 Here we go…

Best Apps to Help You Earn Money

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DIY Snowman Mason Jar | Last-Minute Gift Idea

DIY Snowman Mason Jar Gift

We’re officially down to the wire – Christmas is coming up in THREE days! I don’t where the time went, all I know is it flew by way too quickly. If you’re like me, you probably had great intentions of having every single thing ready by now – gifts purchased and wrapped, house cleaned and holiday meal prep completed – but in reality, you’re still running around in a panic to get things done. Or maybe you’re NOT like me and you’re 100% done – which is something to be proud of!

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