Weekly Meal Plan | 7th Edition

It’s been awhile since I’ve hopped on here to share our weekly meal plan, but I’m going to start it back up. I’m not a food blogger by any means, but you guys are super receptive when I share food-related posts and recipes so I want to do more of this! As you may know if you follow my blog or Instagram, I try to stick to most of the Whole30/Paleo principles a majority of the time (though we do eat quinoa from time to time) – so you’ll find that most of my recipes tend to be on the healthy side. That’s not to say I never indulge! In fact, baking is my specialty and those treats are usually not healthy. 🙂

With that said, I like to stick to really clean eating during the week and I leave a little wiggle room on the weekend to enjoy something that may not be super healthy. Here is this week’s meal plan:


Salsa Chicken, Mexican Cauliflower “Rice” and Roasted Broccoli

Salsa Verde Chicken

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My Favorite Athleisure Picks | Functional and Put-Together

If I’m being honest, I genuinely enjoy getting dressed up – even just for a Target run. But when I’m at home, it’s just way easier to throw on some athleisure attire since most of my day is spent running around the house chasing two little girls and cleaning up after them! I like my athleisure to actually serve double-duty: to look cute if I need to run a quick errand but also function as true workout clothes so I can squeeze in a little fitness at some point during the day. I wanted to share a few of my go-to’s that I wear all the time!

Nike Free Flyknit Running Shoes

Nike Free Flyknit Running ShoesI’m a huge fan of Nike Free’s and we had the chance to check out the corporate store here in Memphis back in the fall, so I snagged a pair of these super cute black and white running shoes that are all the rage right now. I’m not much on wearing sneakers with regular clothes, but these are cute (and way comfortable) enough that I would almost do it!

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Apple Cinnamon Paleo Pancakes

Anyone else a fan of pancakes? We do pancakes pretty often around here – the occasional “brinner” and usually one day on the weekend. Since I try to stick to a Paleo/Whole30 lifestyle most of the time, I love experimenting with new recipes for paleo pancakes that my husband and the girls will like and that I don’t mind eating. I combined several recipes to come up with these delicious Apple Cinnamon Paleo Pancakes over the weekend and wanted to share because they turned out so well. Even if you don’t follow a paleo lifestyle, you should give these a try!

Apple Cinnamon Pancake Recipe - Paleo

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Recent Beauty Buys | Sephora

I realized the other day that I rarely talk beauty and makeup on the blog, but I actually love reading reviews and other people’s experiences with beauty and skincare products. In fact, I usually do a Google search and read about products before I commit to any beauty buys. Do you do this, too? No, just me? 🙂 Since I made a stop at Sephora last night (thanks, my love for the Christmas gift cards!), I figured I’d share what I bought and why I like these beauty buys in particular.

BareMinerals Buxom Lipgloss in Kanani

BareMinerals Buxom GlossI love a good lipgloss and BareMinerals has been a go-to of mine for many years now. I was just about to run out, so I grabbed a tube of this gloss in a strawberry pink shimmer shade. I love the subtle lip plumping/tingling effect and it has a great shine.

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